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Frequently Asked Questions


Who are the donor partners for this Call for Proposals?The Partnership to Strengthen Innovation and Practice in Secondary Education (PSIPSE) is led by a group of private donors and donor advisors, including Human Dignity Foundation, Intel Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, The MasterCard Foundation, Dubai Cares, Comic Relief, and an anonymous donor, who have come together to encourage a new wave of innovation and learning in secondary education. This collaboration was born from the principles of the Global Compact on Learning which underscores the importance of collaborative action to achieve quality learning outcomes.

Is this a pooled fund?
No.  While the donor partners have aligned strategies and processes for this annual competitive Call for Proposals, they have not pooled their funds.  If your application is successful and you receive a grant from one or perhaps two of the donors, you are not actually receiving grants from all of the donors.


Are individuals eligible to apply to this Call for Proposals?

No.  Only legally formed and registered non-governmental organizations may submit Letters of Inquiry for consideration.

Does my organization have to be a U.S. 501c3 organization to be eligible for funding?

No.  However, formal organizations must be legally registered with appropriate charter documentation. Private sector entities must be working in a non-profit capacity in order to be considered for funding.

Are there any specific application requirements for a consortium of organizations?

Yes.  If your organization is applying on behalf of a consortium of organizations, only one organization may submit an application for the proposed project.
The applicant organization should be the legal entity who intends to have sole direction, control and supervision of the use of grant funds.  Governmental organizations may be a member of the consortium but not the lead applicant.
An established consortium application will require additional documentation if advanced to the 2nd stage of consideration. Specifically, the consortium application will be required to submit a fully executed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which outlines the governance and operational structure of the consortium, addressing, for example, the decision-making process among the consortium partners, and indicates the organization that has the authority to legally bind the consortium members into a legal contract with one or more donors.  The submitted MoU must be signed by officers of each of the consortium members.

Can I submit my hard copy Letter of Inquiry by post?

No.  Original hard-copy Letters of Inquiry will not be accepted. Please complete the electronic application form on by first creating an account with a user name and password.  You will then be asked to complete sections of the web-based application form, which will constitute your formal application and Letter of Inquiry.  Please see the appropriate Project Narrative application form for a complete listing of all questions to be addressed in your LOI.   (We suggest you print this document so the questions are accessible while you are not on the website.)  Additional documents will not be accepted.

What if I experience technical difficulties while I am completing my online application?

Please make every effort to submit your application prior to the due date and avoid the risk of technical difficulties due to high volume at the last minute.
If you have any technical questions about how to use the site, please contact and the software application providers can help address your question.  When sending your email to technical support staff, please include the country where you are located in your email so the support staff will be aware of the time zone difference, and also include the URL/address of the page you are having difficulty with as well as the email address you use to login. This information is necessary for the company to be able to look into your request.  Note:  the software application support staff CANNOT answer questions about the PSIPSE or about the consideration process for applicants.  They can only assist with any technical difficulties you may be experiencing with the website or the application form itself.  Note also that FluidReview requires that your web browser is set to accept Cookies, otherwise FluidReview will not function.  FluidReview works best in Google Chrome web browser.

Can I contact the PSIPSE donor partners directly to ask questions about the Call for Proposals or about my application?

Questions may be submitted by email  All questions must be received by 5:00pm CST, May 14, 2014.  In response to questions received, an updated Frequently Asked Questions will be circulated to registered users of the online application portal and will also be available on the landing page ( )

Can I submit multiple applications from my organization?

Yes.  In order to submit multiple applications on behalf of a single organization, please identify each of your distinct projects with a unique project title when you begin the application process on  You may not submit more than one application form with the same project title. 

Can I submit an application for a project in a country that is not listed in the Call for Proposals?

No.  Applications for proposed projects in a country other than those listed in the Geographic Focus section of the Call for Proposals will not be considered.

If my proposed project would take place in one of the countries listed in the Call for Proposals but in a different state than those listed, will it still be considered?

Yes, but donor partners have identified regions, states or cities within some of the countries that are of particular strategic interest.  Projects that will take place in the listed regions, states or cities will therefore be given preference.
Can my proposed project take place in more than one of the regions/states identified in the Call for Proposals?
Yes, projects may take place in more than one of the donors’ priority regions or states.  Applicants are asked to identify the primary project location first, followed by secondary locations as appropriate. Please select all of the options that apply in your online application form.

Does PSIPSE have a specific adolescent age-range for a project’s target audience?
No.  Given the various contexts in the nine countries covered by the Call for Proposals, donor partners opted not to specify a specific age range for the project’s target audience.  Projects may target in-school or out-of-school youth whose age range falls into the space of children transitioning from primary to secondary school all the way up to the age range of upper secondary school in the country where the proposed project would take place. In some countries that could be up to about 21 years of age.  The PSIPSE will not fund projects targeted at the tertiary level of schooling or tertiary age students.

Can I complete my online application form over a period of time up until the deadline of 5:00pm CST on June 13?

Yes.  After you have started your online application form, you may save your data, log out of the website and return to your partially completed application form at any point before 5:00pm CST on June 13.  It is important to save your data frequently; we recommend you save after completing each field of the form.

Can I revise my Letter of Inquiry after I have submitted it?

No.  Due to the large volume of applications expected in response to this Call for Proposals, we cannot accommodate revisions to submitted applications. Once you click the “Submit my Letter of Inquiry for Review” button, your application will be considered final and locked from future edits, and will then be moved to the Initial Review stage.

Can I submit my application after the deadline?

No. Due to the heavy volume expected in response to this Call for Proposals, we are unable to grant extensions to the deadline.  The application deadline is June 13, 2014 at 5:00pm Central Standard Time, US.  Please note that will close exactly at 4:59pm Central Standard Time on June 13, 2014.  It will not be possible to submit an application after 5:00pm.  Please be sure to factor this firm deadline into the development of your application.

Can I receive detailed feedback on my Letter of Inquiry if it is not advanced to the second stage of consideration?

No.  Due to the heavy volume expected in response to this Call for Proposals, we are unable to provide individualized feedback to applicants who do not advance to the full Proposal stage of the Call for Proposals. 

When can I expect to hear whether my application was advanced to the second stage of consideration?

We expect to notify successful applicants of their advancement to the second stage in early August, 2014.