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The Partnership to Strengthen Innovation and Practice in Secondary Education (PSIPSE) is a funder collaborative that seeks to increase secondary education access and improve learning outcomes for marginalized populations in the following countries:  Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Eastern DRC, Ethiopia, Malawai, Nigeria and India. It works towards this goal by funding in-country interventions that accelerate innovation, support evidence-based policy reforms, and capture and disseminate learnings to key stakeholders.  

Through this competitive Call for Proposals, the PSIPSE invites potential partners to push the boundaries of creativity, consider new and innovative solutions, and re-think the content, instructional methods, delivery systems, and partnerships common in secondary education. The funders have allocated $13 million for the Call for Proposals subject to the quality of proposals received. Donors will fund pilot projects, expanding and adapting existing interventions, projects ready to be scaled, and research, as described in the full Call for Proposals

The PSIPSE is led by a group of private donors and donor advisors, including The MasterCard Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Intel Foundation, Human Dignity Foundation, Dubai Cares, and Comic Relief, who have come together to encourage a new wave of innovation and learning in secondary education.

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